Basic info

Classes not held during reorganization.


Due to reorganization, TechTent, will be closed until further notice. Please note, the other departments of Southend Technology Center will continue to open as scheduled.

Sorry for any inconvenience during this time.  If you have any questions, during this time you can call 617 651-0902.

Thank you for your past support and hope see you soon.

About TechTent

TechTent is a part of Southend Technology Center, a community based organization to inspire people to learn about technology and to leverage it towards bettering their lives.

Tech Tent @ The South End Technology Center focuses on computer repair and recycling. We provide a hands on approach to teaching and promoting technological skills. We have well trained staff,  knowledgeable instructors and computer technicians whose primary goals are to assist members of the community in acquiring overall computer skills.
Through generous donations of computers and equipment, we strive to provide interested community members with the knowledge and skills toward repairing and refurbishing personal computers. These refurbished computers are then offered to community members who otherwise might not have the resources to purchase them.

Mondays and Wednesdays 5-8pm, are free open workshop hours where people can bring in their computers for repair or advice while getting hands-on experience.

We are Tech Tent, part of the greater vision of The South End Technology Center @ Tent City, which is a collaborative venture between the Tent City Corporation (TCC) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Our fundamental purpose is to enable individuals to become self sufficient in the areas of computer repair and maintenance.   Our staff of volunteers are as diverse as the people we serve.  We provide free access and training in most aspects of computer-related technology and repair.  The staff have extensive backgrounds in computer technology, their applications and repairs.
We maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere where individuals can find on site IT solutions and support. Unlike other major computer repair shops, TechTent encourages customer/client participation.

The goals of the Tech Center are as follows:
Recruit and train persons in computer technology and repair.
Refurbish donated computers.
Encourage community support and involvement.
Provide custom built computers.
Virus removal and computer upgrades.
Help residents move from being consumers of information to producers and creators of knowledge.


Please come in to visit our shop and take advantage of the wide range of knowledge and support we provide or Call (617) 651-0902 Monday and Wednesdays between 5:00pm-8:00pm.


During other hours by appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons, we repair computer related problems for an affordable fee typically around $50.  But diagnostics are always free.

Why TechTent?



With the high demand for computer repair and hardware/software upgrades, Tech Tent offers technological solutions and services at a competitive  price mostly for individuals 

who might otherwise have limited resources. Tech Tent encourages those individuals who might aspire to learn the skills necessary in maintaining their own systems. Most major computer repair shops usually offer their services at higher prices, are generally impersonal or have long waits for repairs. Here, we specialize in computer repair with the needs and sometimes limited resources of the general community in mind  We put great emphasis on self sufficiency and highly encourage those individuals who might want to come in and learn. Our staff of volunteers are as diverse as the community in which we serve. We strive to provide a warm and safe atmosphere in which our clients feel welcomed and appreciated. Our vision is to provide a unique service to the community. One in which individuals feel empowered and know that they have received top rate service.

Come in and visit our shop and experience our warm atmosphere were everyone is considered a friend. Share a cup of coffee with members from our team as we discuss our services and options.


Some benefits of visiting Tech Tent for all your computer needs:

  • Come share the enjoyment of learning about computers with peers in an open-like club environment.
  • We provide free advice and hands-on training.
  • We encourage learning of technology to improve people's lives.
  • A none-intimidating friendly environment where one will feel comfortable working with computers.
  • You will walk out with not only a better computer but with new knowledge and new friends.
  • We are easily accessible as we are next to major MBTA subway and bus stations.
  • We provide refurbished computers, components and parts at a much lower price than at stores.
  • We are better for the environment.  Why throw away perfectly good computer when it can be used by someone else.
  • We nurture community by providing a friendly environment where people come together to share and learn.
We invite you to come and join the fun!


We are located

Southend Technology Center
359 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA 02116